Ok, but WHY Should we do this?

First of all, it’s fun and singing feels good. But we know you're also interested in a return on your investment, so let's talk about science and how it tells us singing positively impacts our brains.

From the endorphins contributing to feelings of joy and pleasure to the oxytocin alleviating stress and anxiety, study after study shows that using your voice alters your emotional and physical landscape for the better. Oh, and that hormone oxytocin? It has also been shown to enhance feelings of trust and bonding. Sound like a good recipe for team building? It is!

But wait, if you’re reading this and thinking, “My singing voice has hardly ever encouraged bonding…” There is good news for you, too. A 2015  study showed that singers, regardless of skill, training or demographic, experienced “emotional, social and cognitive benefits.”

If you couple that with the benefits of improvisation… POW! Currently being taught at top companies, organizations and MBA programs throughout the world, skills of improvisation have been proven to increase a team’s ability to be present, agile, and communicate freely.

In short, your team will walk away from a VOXUS experience feeling more connected to each other and themselves. They will develop tools for listening and leading, and begin to understand the power of their voice as it relates to their field and team.

Keywords: improvisation, risk, strength building, bonding, vulnerability, interactive, play, exploration, mindfulness