WHAT IS Voxus?

VOXUS is a team building experience using the human voice to create and perform improvised music. VOXUS asks participants to play their way into singing as a group exploring themes of riskmindfulness and vulnerability. We've worked with diverse groups from Fortune 500 companies to public school teachers and faith based groups. Through this experience we know that participants walk away feeling awakened and more deeply connected to themselves and each other. Absolutely no skill is required and all sounds (good, bad and ugly) are welcome!

How Does a Voxus Experience Work? 

We help your team create exciting and beautiful music on the fly, using only your voices and bodies. We know this sounds scary, but we are experts in creating a safe and fun space for play and exploration. Introvert or extrovert, games of improvisation will help your team laugh their way through the fear of it all and gain acceptance of themselves and others.

Ranging anywhere from 30 – 120 minutes and welcoming 10 – 200+ participants, no VOXUS experience is exactly alike. In the spirit of improvisation our facilitators are excellent at responding to the energy of your group, offering the right tools for a successful and transformative experience.

Beginning with strategic exercises and games, participants will find themselves moving and making sound. This isn’t necessarily singing, but exploration of language, listening, spontaneity and rhythm.

Once your team is loosened up and ready to create, we lead your team in their first spontaneous song. The results of which will amaze you.

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10 - 30 participants / 15 minutes - full day

Who is this best for?

Smaller teams looking to connect in a truly meaningful and fun way.

What happens?

> Games and exercises warming up the group, exploring language and sound as a means of improvisation
> Facilitators lead group into "singing circles" creating an orchestra of voices
> Opportunities for leaders to emerge and soloists to sing


30 - 200+ participants / 30 - 90 minutes

Who is this best for? 
Larger groups seeking unique inspiration through listening and participation.

What happens?

> An improvised singing performance by our gifted facilitators.
> A TED style chat about the power of improvisation and singing as tools for change.
> Group exercises, using language and sound to create incredible improvised music.