What are people saying?


Jessica Hogue, Architect
Going into the VOXUS experience, I was slightly apprehensive - my life and job are way more geared towards preparation than improv - but my anxiety was totally unwarranted. Davin and Alison guided us expertly through the activities, which are simple and fun. Where individual improvisation was involved, it was purely volunteer, and I felt no pressure to do anything I wasn't really into. I came away feeling enriched and energized. There's just something cathartic about singing and something magical about voices joining together. I definitely want to do it again.


Mary Davenport, VP Project Manager
I'll admit, I was reluctant to do this at first. I didn't know what to expect, and the last time I sang in a choir was in high school. I'm so glad I did it! Davin and Alison took a group of virtual strangers and got us to make music together - really beautiful music. I literally felt different afterward and made some new connections too. If you want to get out of your "comfort zone", this is the way to go.


Kevin Quach, Pharmacist
Not knowing anyone going into this experience, I was very apprehensive about singing in front of strangers. The moment we started, everything changed. I realized I wasn't going to sing in front of strangers, but rather, sing with them. The captivating sounds I heard in the room came from the group as a whole and I instantly felt connected to everyone there. I never imagined myself experiencing anything like this, but it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable moments I've ever had with music.


Laura Forlano, Assistant Professor

I talk for a living but it it is rare that I am in a truly collaborative space designing and building something original and authentic with a truly diverse group. It is a positive, enriching and vibrant experience. Davin and Alison are both expert leaders as well as humble guides through the sharing of voice and movement. It is simply addictive and highly recommend experience.