We help groups connect quickly and deeply through the unique and powerful experience of improvised singing.


VOXUS is a team building experience using the human voice to create and perform improvised music. VOXUS asks participants to play their way into singing as a group exploring themes of risk, mindfulness and vulnerability. We've worked with diverse groups from Fortune 500 companies to public school teachers and faith based groups. Through this experience we know that participants walk away feeling awakened and more deeply connected to themselves and each other. Absolutely no skill is required and all sounds (good, bad and ugly) are welcome!

Not sure what we mean? Take a look below...

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Ok, but WHY Should we do this?

First of all, it’s fun and singing feels good. But we know you're also interested in a return on your investment, so let's talk about science and how it tells us singing positively impacts our brains.

From the endorphins contributing to feelings of joy and pleasure to the oxytocin alleviating stress and anxiety, study after study shows that using your voice alters your emotional and physical landscape for the better. Oh, and that hormone oxytocin? It has also been shown to enhance feelings of trust and bonding. Sound like a good recipe for team building? It is!

But wait, if you’re reading this and thinking, “My singing voice has hardly ever encouraged bonding…” There is good news for you, too. A 2015  study showed that singers, regardless of skill, training or demographic, experienced “emotional, social and cognitive benefits.”

If you couple that with the benefits of improvisation… POW! Currently being taught at top companies, organizations and MBA programs throughout the world, skills of improvisation have been proven to increase a team’s ability to be present, agile, and communicate freely.

In short, your team will walk away from a VOXUS experience feeling more connected to each other and themselves. They will develop tools for listening and leading, and begin to understand the power of their voice as it relates to their field and team.

Keywords: improvisation, risk, strength building, bonding, vulnerability, interactive, play, exploration, mindfulness

How exactly does it work?

We help your team create exciting and beautiful music on the fly, using only your voices and bodies. We know this sounds scary, but we are experts in creating a safe and fun space for play and exploration. Introvert or extrovert, games of improvisation will help your team laugh their way through the fear of it all and gain acceptance of themselves and others.

Ranging anywhere from 30 – 120 minutes and welcoming 10 – 200+ participants, no VOXUS experience is exactly alike. In the spirit of improvisation our facilitators are excellent at responding to the energy of your group,offering the right tools for a successful.

Beginning with strategic exercises and games, participants will find themselves moving and making sound. This isn’t necessarily singing, but exploration of language, listening, spontaneity and rhythm.

Once your team is loosened up and ready to create, we lead your team in their first spontaneous song. The results of which will amaze you.


30 - 200+ participants / 30 - 90 minutes
Who is this best for? 
Larger groups seeking unique inspiration through listening and participation.

What happens?

  • An improvised singing performance by our gifted facilitators.
  • A TED style chat about the power of improvisation and singing as tools for change.
  • Group exercises, using language and sound to create incredible improvised music

10 - 30 participants / 15 minute - full day
Who is this best for?
Smaller teams looking to connect in a truly unique and fun way.

What happens?

  • Games and exercises warming up the group, exploring language and sound as a means of improvisation
  • Facilitators lead group into "singing circles" creating an orchestra of voices
  • Opportunities for leaders to emerge and soloists to sing
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What if our team can’t sing?

You can! We promise. We know your team may not be excited to sing, but we are confident in our ability help facilitate a fun path to exploring the voice and the songs that hide within.

Does everyone have to sing by him or herself?


We do not force anyone to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with. Many of our games ask participants to contribute individually, but no one is forced to do anything they are not willing to. Much of what we do, especially as it relates to singing is as a group.

How many people do we need?

A minimum of 10, but we’re happy to work with 200+

Where does this happen?

VOXUS can meet your team ANYWHERE. We travel globally to bring this unique and inspirational service. We'd love to pop into your annual meeting, office party, leadership summit or...? If you're in Chicago, you are also welcome to come to us. Our Chicago location is at 410 South Michigan Avenue, in the Loop and can accommodate up to 40 participants


Just your team. The beauty of the VOXUS experience is that it does not require a special space or equipment. We can make music anywhere with just our voices!

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What are people saying?


Jessica Hogue, Architect
Going into the VOXUS experience, I was slightly apprehensive - my life and job are way more geared toward preparation than improvisation - but my anxiety was totally unwarranted. Davin and Alison guided us expertly through the activities, which are simple and fun. Where individual improvisation was involved, it was purely volunteer, and I felt no pressure to do anything I wasn't really into. I came away feeling enriched and energized. There's just something cathartic about singing and something magical about voices joining together. I definitely want to do it again.


Mary Davenport, VP Project Manager
I'll admit, I was reluctant to do this at first. I didn't know what to expect, and the last time I sang in a choir was in high school. I'm so glad I did it! Davin and Alison took a group of virtual strangers and got us to make music together - really beautiful music. I literally felt different afterward and made some new connections too. If you want to get out of your "comfort zone", this is the way to go.


Kevin Quach, Pharmacist
Not knowing anyone going into this experience, I was very apprehensive about singing in front of strangers. The moment we started, everything changed. I realized I wasn't going to sing in front of strangers, but rather, sing with them. The captivating sounds I heard in the room came from the group as a whole and I instantly felt connected to everyone there. I never imagined myself experiencing anything like this, but it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable moments I've ever had with music.


Laura Forlano, Assistant Professor

I talk for a living but it it is rare that I am in a truly collaborative space designing and building something original and authentic with a truly diverse group. It is a positive, enriching and vibrant experience. Davin and Alison are both expert leaders as well as humble guides through the sharing of voice and movement. It is simply addictive and highly recommend experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

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The VOXUS team brings years of combined experience teaching, coaching, singing and working with the human voice. Their work has reached clients such as JLLGoogle, Chicago Public Schoolsand The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

DAVIN YOUNGS, CEO & Facilitator

DAVIN YOUNGS, CEO & Facilitator

Davin Youngs is a singer, keynote speaker and facilitator with a commitment to helping others experience the transformational power of singing. As founder and owner of Chicago's premiere private singing studio, Davin Youngs Voice, he is firmly established at home and abroad as a performer, teacher and entrepreneur. He recently spoke about these endeavors on the Robcast, a podcast hosted by New York Times Bestselling author, Rob Bell. Davin is a A graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and DePaul University.

Rebekka Goldsmith, Facilitator

Rebekka Goldsmith, Facilitator

Rebekka Goldsmith is an experienced improvisational singer and facilitator based in Seattle. She combines her passion for voice and community through work in leadership development. Rebekka travels throughout North America designing and facilitating transformative experiences that challenge and inspire people to realize their creative potential. She conducts the Path With Art Singers, seen HERE in this Emmy award winning documentary short. To hear Rebekka sing, CLICK HERE



Alison Wedding is an accomplished teacher, performer and singer. Specializing in improvisation, Alison currently serves on the faculty of Berklee College of Music in Boston and as an associate at Davin Youngs Voice. As a performer, Alison is an active singer-songwriter performing throughout the US and abroad. She is a skilled facilitator, having studied extensively with Rhiannon and participated and lead singing improvisation workshops internationally. 

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