What if our team can’t sing?

You can! We promise. We know your team may not be excited to sing, but we are confident in our ability help facilitate a fun path to exploring the voice and the songs that hide within.

Does everyone have to sing by him or herself?


We do not force anyone to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with. Many of our games ask participants to contribute individually, but no one is forced to do anything they are not willing to. Much of what we do, especially as it relates to singing is as a group.

How many people do we need?

A minimum of 10, but we’re happy to work with 200+

Where does this happen?

VOXUS can meet your team ANYWHERE. We travel globally to bring this unique and inspirational service. We'd love to pop into your annual meeting, office party, leadership summit or...? If you're in Chicago, you are also welcome to come to us. Our Chicago location is at 410 South Michigan Avenue, in the Loop and can accommodate up to 40 participants. 


Just your team. The beauty of the VOXUS experience is that it does not require a special space or equipment. We can make music anywhere with just our voices!